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What you need for a DIY project is going to depend on the scale of the project and the materials you’re working on. If you’re knocking down walls you’re going to need something slightly more heavy-duty than what the average toolbox might provide. However, there are a few essential tools that you should always have stored in your home to ensure that you are able to tackle a range of DIY tasks. We have put together the ultimate list of all the tools you should have to hand when doing up your property. You can tailor this list to your specific needs.

Whether you’re putting up shelves, fixing up your bathroom or repainting a room, these tools should be enough to complete a wide range of DIY tasks in your home. Most of these tools should be pretty easy to find too, either at your local hardware store or online.

Power Drill

Power drills are powered by a motor so that the drill it at the end rotates quickly. By applying force to a surface when the drill is switched on, you can make clean, easy holes in a surface. You can find power drills at a range of prices and they’re available with or without a cord. These are a true investment piece and essential for a range of DIY tasks.

Drill Bits

The drill bit at the end of the drill is replaceable depending on the type of hole or screw you’re trying to drill. By buying a good set of different drill bits, you can increase the range of different holes you can make with your power drill.

Hand Saw

Usually used for cutting into wood, a hand saw is a great, general-purpose tool that can be used for a wide range of small DY tasks around the home.

Power Saw

A power saw or circular saw uses a circular saw blade that cuts by a rotation motion and is powered by a motor so you can make powerful, clean cuts through a range of materials. They can usually cut through tough materials including wood, masonry, plastic and metal.


Pliers are an essential hand tool that can be used for gripping items tightly so you can apply enough pressure to an object, making them useful for pulling nails out of walls as well as bending and compressing materials.

Adjustable Spanner

An adjustable spanner or wrench gives you a strong grip on small objects so you turn them. They’re usually used to tighten nuts and bolts or screws. A good, adjustable spanner should be useful for a range of tasks both large and small.


An essential for your toolbox, a hammer will allow you to use force and pressure to hit nails into a wall, pull out nails or hit a frame into alignment. A hammer of medium weight and size is the most versatile choice that you’ll be able to use for a wide range of tasks.

Voltage Detector Tool

Before drilling into your walls or hammering in a nail, it’s essential that you check for any live wires behind the surface. Not only could hitting a wire cause damage to the electrical system in your home but it could also cause you serious harm. By scanning the walls in your home, the voltage detector so you know which areas to avoid when performing DIY work.

Nails, Bolts and Screws

A good toolbox should have a range of hardware including nails, bolts and screws in a range of sizes and types. This means that when putting up artwork, shelves or completing a woodwork project, you’ll have all the tools you need.

Scraper Tool

If you’re planning to do any redecorating in your home, a scraper tool is essential. A scraper tool is designed for removing paint or wallpaper to prepare surfaces before redecorating.


This tool is specially designed for screwing and unscrewing screws with ease. There is a range of screwdrivers available to you - some are even battery powered.

Torch or Flashlight

Good lighting is essential to ensuring that all your renovations are as accurate as possible. Working in low light is a disaster waiting to happen and a good torch or wearable flashlight will make sure you’re completing all your DIY to the best standard.

A Good Multi-Tool

A good multi-tool will help you out in loads of DIY projects from small tasks to bigger ones too. A good multi-tool will include a hammer, plier, screwdriver and more. This means if there are any gaps in your toolbox, you can reach for your multi-tool to help you out.

Measuring Tape

When renovating your home, accuracy is everything if you want to do the job well and be 100% happy with the end results. For this, a good measuring tape with clear numbers and that will remain sturdy whilst you’re taking measurements is essential.


A toolbox is the best way to keep all your new tools neatly presented and organised until you need them. A good hardware shop will offer a range of toolboxes in all different sizes so you can find one with ample storage for all your needs.

This article was provided with help from our friends at Saxton Blades, visit their website for help with your tool needs, https://www.saxtonblades.co.uk/


01793 487777
Anchor Business Centre, Frankland Road, Swindon, SN5 8YZ
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