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Interested in keeping your home safer and more secure? Check out these simple yet effective steps you can take to help prevent break-ins from those opportunistic thieves.

One of the simple steps you could start with to protect your home is by checking or changing your locks. There are many different locks available from mortice locks to additional security bolts – it’s a good idea to make sure that your gates, sheds and garages all have secure locks on them. It’s also worth considering installing or upgrading your current alarm system to meet the current Metropolitan Police standards as they can be very effective at deterring burglars.

Other than the obvious security measures, it’s also worth checking that your home and contents are adequately insured to help protect your possessions in the event of a break-in. Keys and other valuables can be very tempting to cunning burglars when left by a door or window, reduce the risk by keeping them out of sight.

For more useful and insightful information on how to keep your home secure, take a look at this complete guide to home security from Sainsbury’s Bank.

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