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Knowing where to start when equipping a smart home can help save time and resource, as there are many gadgets on the market to make your home tech savvy. From smart doorbells to smart lighting, it’s important to know what technology is out there and what you’re hoping to achieve during a smart home project.

If you’re concerned with reducing your carbon footprint, consider smart heating as you can monitor your energy usage. Smart heating can also help you save money in the long run as you make your house more energy efficient.

Smart plugs are another great option as you can switch on any appliance with the sound of your voice or with an app. Smart plugs can even improve security by turning lights on while you’re out. If you’re willing to splash out more cash, smart doorbells and a security system that you can access from your phone are great gadgets to invest in for the safety of your home.

For more tips on smart home gadgets, check out Sainsbury’s Bank guide to creating a smart home.

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