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The top 50 most popular house names in the UK have been announced following research by the Royal Mail.

Here are the top 5 house names in the UK in 2017:



Rose Cottage



People giving their homes names started centuries ago.

Rich people and the nobility began naming their humble (and often not so humble) abodes after their ancestors, locations and family titles.

This has developed over the years to a point where you do not need to let the local authorities know your house has been named. But you must include the house number in the address line.

The names people give to their homes nowadays can be inherited, or sentimental, inspired by nature or simply sarcastic as Valley View – a terraced house which overlooks a busy dual carriageway in London highlights.

Now a name won’t add value to your property but it is considered unlucky by some to change an existing one.

A couple of our personal favourites at The Property Shop are a bungalow called Nothing up Top.

Read into that name what you will.

And the deliciously cheeky – Bog’s View. A detached three bedroom house opposite a public toilet.

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Jason Parker

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