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So you’ve made the decision to sell. You’ve chosen an agent and instructed us (we hope). We will then visit the property, take great photographs, create a detailed floor plan and let you know when the property will go on the market.

This is the point where things become a little different from the everyday norm.

Once your home is on the market people you’ve never met will start walking around your house.

Potential buyers AKA ‘Strangers in your house.’

But have no fear we’ll be accompanying them and these ‘strangers’ could be the people who end up buying your home for a price you’re delighted with.

However, it’s quite an odd feeling having people you’ve never met turn up at your door and walk through your home. Here’s what we suggest.

A warm welcome goes a long way. The more comfortable a person feels in your property, the more time they will take to look around and see if it is one they are really interested in.

Here are our Top Tips:

1 The first impression is the BIG impression. Make sure the front of your property is tidy. Even take a look near your home and ensure there’s no windswept litter sending out the wrong message.

2 It’s always worth having a tidy up when you know people are coming to view. Dirty dishes in the sink don’t help a property’s appeal.

3 If you have pets, make sure they are somewhere safe. You want the viewer to focus on the appeal of your home, not your dog bowl or cat litter or Fido growling at them.

4 If you are selling in the winter make sure your home is kept warm. If you are selling in the summer the opposite applies; so keep your windows open and make sure the property is cool.

5 Remember, we’re here to help so call us with any questions, suggestions or concerns you might have.

Thanks for reading and if you have any property related questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’d love to help you.

Jason Parker

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