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It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day so we thought it would be heartless of us to not talk about love.

For some of you this time of year is about being treated to a slap up romantic meal with an accompaniment of chocolate and flowers.

Buying a house is never easy, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. There is a lot to consider and factor in when buying your first home, from surveying and conveyancing fees, to ensuring you read the small print.

Picture the scene.

You’ve got the key to your new place from the estate agent.

You’re on your new doorstep excitedly putting key into lock.

In you go with a huge smile on your face - only to be met with an untidy and unclean mess.

Puts a dampener on the whole thing doesn’t it?

We read an article recently which claimed many landlords were unaware of new regulations which could affect their property portfolio.

In some cases non compliance could leave the landlords at risk of hefty fines.

In the article, it claimed a survey of 4,000 landlords had highlighted a real lack of knowledge about soon to be introduced regulations.

Around this time last year, a poll came out from YouGov showing what the most popular resolutions were among people in the UK.

The top ten below haven’t really changed for the past five years. But we’d hazard a bet to suggest some people will want to cut down on their social media and smart phone usage in 2019.

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