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We’re a musical bunch at The Property Shop, or should I’d say I like to think I am although not sure my wife would agree!.

Which means I love a bit of carol singing and have festive songs on loop in our office.

According to a recent newspaper report more than 50 per cent of the nation’s stressed out self-employed, leave getting their tax self-assessment form into the HMRC to the very last minute.

So, looking ahead to late January 2019 you may notice the stress levels of some people rocketing as the deadline to hand in their returns looms.

As the nights draw in and the days get shorter what’s on your mind?

Thinking ahead and planning for Christmas?

In this article we look at five things you want to avoid when selling your home.

This infamous five will have prospective buyers fleeing your property as quickly as if they bumped into Freddy Kruger in your bathroom!

But fear not as we have a treat for you this Halloween and we’ll show you simple fixes for these problems.

It’s the situation every landlord and tenant dreads.

An ongoing dispute over a deposit.

It causes stress, is time consuming and can be expensive – for both sides.

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