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Welcome to the fourth Feelgood Friday update from us at The Property Shop Swindon.

And here are four pieces of news which made us smile this week.

Let's face it most of have probably spent too much time online over the past month or so.

We're seeking distraction, information and reassurance and as useful as our smartphones and tablets can be, they can also be a problem if we use them too much.

One of the positives people seem to be drawing from life under lockdown is the realisation that most of us have had more of our most valuable asset made available.

Time. Spare time.

But time is like any resource we have. We can use it wisely or unwisely.

For most of us, this Easter weekend has been very different.

But it's comforting to see people and families in Swindon taking on board the Government's advice and yet still maintaining some Easter Holiday traditions.

Egg hunts taking place from the safety and comfort of our gardens, church services broadcast online and families staying in touch via technology.

In this quick round-up, we share some of the good news happening during life under lockdown.

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