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Thinking of selling? There are dozens of estate agents in Swindon, so how do you choose which one to use? It can be a daunting decision, so here are a few things to consider.

We hope these suggestions will help you choose the right agent for you.

Local knowledge

Choose an agent who is local, who really knows their area (rather than a national chain with token representation on your High Street). A local agent will know who your potential buyers are, they will know who to talk to and how best to market your property. They have the best chance of getting a great result, at the right price and quickly.

Highest valuation is not always the best valuation

It is common practise in the world of estate agency to over-value your property in an attempt to impress you. Unfortunately, this may well come back to haunt you as you are then likely to be under pressure further down the line to reduce your price when the property does not sell. Interestingly, there are agents who will under-value your property and whilst this is likely to get you a quick sale, you may well be in a much worse state financially than you would’ve been had you chosen an agent with realistic, market-driven valuations.

A correct valuation is absolutely vital. Choose an agent that has a thorough working knowledge of current buyer behaviour and one that quotes a figure based on properties that have actually been sold with supporting evidence/comparisons.

You get what you pay for

Most people do not deal with estate agents very often so it’s easy to think that you should simply go with the agent with the lowest commission. This is often a huge mistake. It is a bit like buying a car without looking at anything else but the price. A cheaper car may well turn out to be a false economy if you then waste lots of time sorting out problems with it. The same is true of estate agents. A cheaper estate agency may well be using inexperienced negotiators (who won’t be advising you adequately), they may be short staffed (so you won’t always be kept informed about what’s going on with your sale) and they may have very limited cover at weekends (which may result in you missing out on offers from potential buyers).
Also, if an agent will easily reduce their own fees, how much more willing will they be to reduce the price of your house? The amount you end up with in your pocket is surely more important than the percentage fees charged?

Once more with enthusiasm

If an agent is not enthusiastic about your property, do not instruct them. You need your agent to be excited, and you need them to really ‘sell’ your home to potential buyers/tenants. Apathy should not be rewarded.


Make sure you choose an agent who uses a varied cross-section of media to tell people that your home is for sale. Choose an agent who advertises on all the main property websites as this is where the vast majority of applicants begin.

It’s good to have a plan

Very few estate agents use professional floorplans in their property particulars, yet our research has shown that buyers overwhelmingly prefer them to written information and dimensions. Floor plans allow the potential buyer to get a real sense of layout and scale and can really bring your property to life. Choose an agent with high quality, informative floorplans.

It’s a virtual world

360° Virtual Tours enable prospective buyers or tenants to view property from the comfort of their sofa and increase the level of enquiries so are an important tool in the Estate Agents toolkit.


Many agencies are owned by large financial institutions that make more money from selling mortgages than they do from selling properties. This may not be obvious initially so do some checks before giving an agent your business.

The best negotiators

When an offer is made on your property, it is vitally important that your chosen agent qualifies buyers thoroughly and negotiates the best possible price for you.

After-sales service

Finding a buyer is a significant stage in the selling process (obviously) but an agent’s job should not stop there. Many sales have fallen through due to poor follow-up or inadequate liaison with surveyors or solicitors. Choose an agent who will be with you throughout the entire process.

Lead by example

Choose an agency that is owned and run by property professionals who are genuinely interested in your sale. Be cautious around sales-driven, target-orientated teams, employed to just build an empire. Ask to speak to the business owners before you make a decision, they should be very happy to take your call. Their attitude will tell you a great deal about the business that they run and how you are likely to be treated.

It’s good to talk

Most estate agents will be very keen to call you when they have good news, but choose an agent that will keep you informed whatever the situation is. Good agents should be in regular contact with you and update you after each viewing. Good agents will also advise you if/when they think changes need to be made to your property or the selling price. You should always know what is going on with your sale and you should feel confident that your agent is working hard for you.

We are confident that The Property Shop fares well against all of these considerations but just to reassure you further...

  • We will not purposely value your property high to win your business, we will be honest and realistic.
  • Our commission is fair and reflects the amount of time and expertise invested in selling your property.
  • Our staff are highly experienced estate agents and our focus on customer service is second-to-none, so you can be confident that choosing us as your agent is absolutely the right thing to do.
  • We send out regular targeted mailings to the local market and our properties are on all of the main property websites. We often use the ‘premium listing’ and ‘featured property’ format on the property portals so your properties are more prominent and seen by more people.
  • We produce top quality floor plans and 360° Virtual Tours for every property we represent.
  • Our offices are welcoming, stylish, busy and efficient. And the kettle’s always on!
  • We are open long hours and available 7 days a week.
  • We continually invest in our website and every enquiry is treated quickly and efficiently. Visit the site and put us to the test.
  • We accompany the majority of our viewings and always give prompt and constructive feedback.
  • We are independently owned and our focus is on the sale of our clients’ properties.
  • We will be by your side through the whole process.
  • Call into our office for a chat with one of the business owners.
  • You will never need to chase us. We return every phone call and reply to every email.

You will always know what is going on!


  • Nothing was ever too much for Jason at The Property Shop when I bought my house in February. Jason gave us the personal touch and is still helping after completition. Would defintely recommend and if I would ever look to sell/buy again Jason would be my first point of contact."V. Lodge
  • Peter managed my flat faultlessly for seven years in all, then, when I decided to sell, Jason did the honours, earning his bargain commission several times over by regularly liaising with me, my buyer and both sets of solicitors. In fact, I can honestly say it was mostly his efforts which saved my sale when the solicitors seemed to be trying their hardest to scupper it. Renting, letting, buying or selling, put your trust in The Property Shop Swindon and you will be in safe hands"W. Grindle
  • We can’t thank Jason enough for all the help he has given us with buying our first place. From the moment we showed an interest to handing over the keys he was always willing to answer every question and would reply so quickly! Thank you for making our first time buying a property so easy and smooth. Couldn’t recommend you enough!"A. Laura Jade
  • Have been doing business with The Property Shop since 2010 when we bought a house through them. We have since sold three other properties through them, with no exceptions they are absolutely brilliant. Knowledgeable, honest, realistic, motivated and very efficient with a great sense of humour. I have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending Jason @ The Property Shop"I. Board
  • Communication and transparency! My wife and I have both purchased and sold through the property shop and both times have been a pleasant experience. What we love about the property shop is that they tell you straight what they think is the best choice for you and not what they think will make them the most profit! Refreshing in a world of the almighty dollar! Also their communication is brilliant. Jason was always on hand for any questions we had and most of the time outside of normal working hours. We can honestly say that the property shop have both the expertise and morals that make buying and selling a house less stressful. Thank you to the property shop and you deserve every good review and 5 star rating."Mr & Mrs. Crew

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01793 487777
Anchor Business Centre, Frankland Road, Swindon, SN5 8YZ
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